It is mandatory for Conveyancers to engage in continuing education in accordance with the CCE Rules. 

The requirements for CCE have been set at:

  • 10 hours of relevant education and/or activities in the practising year, being:
    • 5 or more hours of which must be verifiable education.
    • 5 or less hours of which may be activities that are non-verifiable.

Conveyancers are to record their own education and activities and submit evidence of completion upon registration renewal in June each year.

Education and activities can come from a wide range of sources.

Verifiable education can include:

  • Formal education by an NZQA accredited provider (i.e Toi Ohomai Institute)
  • Courses, seminars or training for which you receive a certificate of completion;
  • Attending the NZSoC's Annual General Meeting & Conference;
  • Webinars and distance learning programmes delivered by approved providers.

(a list of approved providers is included in the CCE Rules)

Non-verifiable activities can include:

  • Participation in courses, seminars, training for other professional bodies or for personal professional development
  • Distance learning programmes and webinars from non approved providers;
  • Lecturing, teaching or instructing (including reasonable preparation time);
  • Writing law-related books, articles or preparing and completing legal submissions;
  • Attending other meetings and conferences (including attendance at the NZSoC AGM).
  • Service to the Society (contact the NZSoC for further details on available options)

The CCE Rules allow the Conveyancer to meet any areas of their own professional development according to individual interests and needs. The Education Committee will endeavour to provide our members with links to educational opportunities as and when these become available.


Continued Education Rules