All Conveyancing Practitioners are required to comply with the “Conduct and Client Care Rules” as outlined in the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Conveyancing Practitioners: Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008.

The rules require Conveyancing Practitioners to;

  • Act in accordance with the client's instructions, and to exercise good faith,skill, care, and competence;
  • Provide clients with clear information, treat clients with respect and courtesy, and act in a timely manner;
  • Honor all undertakings given in the course of practice;
  • Ensure that all dealings are recorded appropriately;
  • Provide written information on how the fee is calculated, inclusive of any additional disbursements, and when payment is to be made. The fee must be fair and reasonable for the service provided;
  • Provide details to the client on the level of professional indemnity insurance cover held;
  • Provide clients with written information on the Conveyancing Practitioners Fidelity Fund;
  • Ensure that clients are provided with written information on the Society’s complaints service and how clients can contact the Society in order to make a complaint;
  • Ensure appropriate confidentiality of all client information;
  • Treat other practitioners and any third party’s with respect and courtesy;
  • Conveyancing Practitioners must not act if there is a risk that a conflict of interest could arise.